Zach Osborne races professional supercross and motocross. I have been working with Zach since 2007, just after his rookie year, when he famously led the 2006 Budds Creek National. Zach and I have been through the gamete and he is an example of an athlete who never gives up, and it paid off. In 2017, he won the AMA 250 supercross and 250 outdoor title. He was also named team captain for the 2017 MX of Nations team USA where he raced at Matterly Basin (see report). While Aldon Baker helps Zach with his everyday preparation, there is always something Zach and I are working on to help keep him on the top step of the podium. Zach Races for Factory Rockstar Husqvarna and has recently signed for another 2 years.

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