I was just in Ireland and went out on the town for a bite. While in the airport I saw a massive group of high school kids. At least 60% of the kids were what most of us would call overweight. And of course they were all Americans. When you are in Europe you just don’t see this level of obesity in adolescents. The USA is officially the most obese country in the world.

USA Obesity figure

This 2015 figure says a lot about us. We need to do more about the obesity crisis and change something, because obviously what we are doing is not working.

Carbs get us high in a sense of the word

The idea about endorphins is that they give us a good feeling, and with it comes a sense of confidence every time they are increased. Whether it be from exercise, smoking, carbs, or whatever, they serve as physiologic reminders that when we take the action to increase them, we will feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good about ourselves, we build confidence and these endorphin releases just build on each other. There is little doubt that every time an addict does something to increase endorphins, whether it be smoking, exercise or carbohydrate consumption, endorphins are released and that person has a good feeling.

Many people who overeat, do not do so out of need. Often a person eats an adequate dinner and then they find themselves on the couch eating a bag of chips or a soda pop. That person is eating the carbohydrates after dinner, despite an adequate meal, because the processed carbohydrates gets that person “high” in a sense. The brain actually needs it to feel better. Talk about being out of control!

A smoker after dinner is doing the same thing as the person eating the junk carbohydrates after dinner. The brain is telling you to do so. These substances are helping us to relax and calm down, basically for managing our emotional needs.

Here is the main point to realize – A snack is Never a nutritional event; a snack is an emotional event. Your brain is telling you to that you need to relax, not that you need nutrients. Addiction occurs when the harm is ignored. We as humans are very good at minimizing, justifying, rationalizing, and denying in order to continue the adverse behavior that is causing us disease. How does an addict pretend what they are doing is ok? It is really a distortion of reality. Each time an obese person goes to the freezer and gets out the tub of ice cream, they are telling themselves that it is ok; this time it is ok.