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Have you ever wanted to learn about how to optimize yourself in life and in sports? Irish Nutritionist, Barry Murray and Pro Tour cycling rider Svein Tuft can tell you how through years of training and coaching some of the world’s top athletes. Barry has legit nutrition degrees including a Bachelors and Masters in Science of Nutrition and Svein well known a veteran professional cyclist.

Barry, a former chemist turned nutritionist has amassed a huge amount of knowledge on nutrition, health and performance. Barry is renowned for his expertise in endurance sports nutrition working with professional athletes such as Tour de France riders, World Class Triathletes, Gaelic Football County teams and Elite Distance Runners. Barry is passionate about speaking to all athletes interested in optimising their nutrition for endurance sports. He competes as an ultrarunner himself, last year winning The Wicklow Way 127km and The Kerry Way 200km ultramarathons.

Svein Tuft, is a professional cyclist hailing from Canada, he rides for the Orica Green Edge team competing in races such as the Giro D’Italia and the Tour de France. Svein is also well known for his mountain treks in snow filled mountains surviving the elements and living off of the land.


Their approach to nutrition and lifestyle debunks the common myths around nutrition and challenges the accepted antiquated norm. The aim is to combine science, research and common sense to enhance performance and general health.

Barry links science with practice and ties them together with common sense. Visit his website and blogs at Optimum Nutrition for Sport and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In this new Patreon format, Barry and Svein cover many topics:

Podcasts with Barry and Svein reveal many secrets of training that can help your longevity in the sport

The best way to eat for any athlete

Find out why Svein does not eat large amounts of carbohydrates after a stage in the Giro

How Barry uses fat energy to his advantage in long running races

Learn how many years both Barry and Svein have been using a fat adapted approach.

The secret to improving your endurance fitness

How to lose weight without dieting

What they have learn from the pro cycling world

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