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Tag: Hypoxia

A Tale of Two COVID Patients

A Tale of Two COVID Patients COVID-19 has turned out to be a disease testing the health of humanity. Obesity, diabetes, suppressed immune systems, inflammation, and other problems cause patients to fare worse when they get...

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Sleeping Bad – Why It Matters

Sleeping Bad – Why It Matters If you wake up tired or with a headache, or have a foggy brain, you very likely have OSA. One of the most common causes of poor sleep is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). If you are one of the 35% of...

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Do Training Mask Really Work?

The Q&A question I have is about the “breathing masks” that I often see runner’s using…not sure what they are doing, but wondered if they could/would play a role for cycling? You’ve no doubt seen...

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