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Tag: endorphins

Why we get Fat – Post 5

In the series of blog posts, we’ve covered a lot of theory, so now it is time to give a real life example. As doctors, we see this picture often and more so in America. If you read the last blog post, you would see that the USA...

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Why we get Fat – Post 4

I was just in Ireland and went out on the town for a bite. While in the airport I saw a massive group of high school kids. At least 60% of the kids were what most of us would call overweight. And of course they were all...

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Why we get Fat – Post 3

The Psychology of Obesity and the Brain To understand how the brain works, it’s kind of like writing in a complex computer code. We are convinced that we need to eat three times a day and that we need to eat 5 fruits and...

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