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John Mahoney Consultation





John is a specialist in the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. Becoming an expert in the ketogenic diet, more through necessity, as he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and decided along with his physicians at Johns Hopkins University, that a ketogenic diet would be the best regimen for John to follow.  You can find out more about John on his website.

Reading the scientific literature there is no consensus that being on the ketogenic diet will cure brain cancer or help slow progression, but interest is building in the medical community. John has become very proficient on the ways to cook on the diet while not giving up tasty meals.

John is also an avid cyclist and cycles regularly throughout the year. He rides his bicycle while on the ketogenic diet and has excelled his fitness. He recently completed the Livestrong ride – Ride For the Roses this year. The ride was 4 hours long, he finished in the front group, taking in only water, salt, Vespa wasp extract and a single gel. Because he is fat adapted, he is able to primarily use his fat stores for energy. John’s use of the ketogenic diet goes way beyond exercise, it has worked very well for him and his cancer to date is very well controlled and showing no signs of reoccurring. John has a passion for meeting people, cooking and eating together.

John uses a “whole person approach.” This approach to wellness means making whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. John can help you to find your balance in living a low carbohydrate lifestyle, accelerating your journey to good health allowing you to function at the top of your game with family friends, hobbies, and at work.

60 Minute One-On-One Phone or Skype Consultation

In this one-on-one phone or Skype consultation you get all your nutrition / lifestyle questions answered. We will personally contact you, schedule your call, and thoroughly address every question you have. Your consultation includes an e-mail follow-up with recommendations and full meeting notes. We are also happy to go over lab results with you if you do self-medical testing through Doc Edwards Fitness or through another company such as WellnessFX or DirectLabs.

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