Rider Profile – Matt Goerke

Matt Goerke has recently taken over the points lead in the Canadian Motocross Nationals. He won the overall series 2 years ago. Matt is one of the hardest working guys I know in Motocross. At 31 years of age, Matt is a veteran of the sport.

I have been fortunate to work with Matt for over 10 years and we have been through quite a lot together. I’ve helped him optimize his recovery after his several of his surgeries. He once had a shoulder surgery after he tore every rotator cuff muscle possible. Matt underwent the same shoulder surgery as Adam Cianciarulo and he even had the same orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brad Greenbaum who loves motocross and really knows his stuff. I have helped with the recovery from several other injuries including his collarbone, elbow and tibia. With all that behind him, now I help Matt optimize his nutrition, recovery, keep him from over-training, and with staying on top of his game in his 30’s.

Through hard work Matt has stayed in the game and is still making a good living racing motocross. Everyone knows that Matt likes to train very hard. It is a fine line helping Matt know when his body has had enough and when he can go full gas. The thing I like best about Matt is that he follows the advice I give him. A good example is that when Matt’s iron was low, I told him that he could raise his iron naturally by eating liver 3 times a week. And that’s what he did. We tested his iron some weeks later and it went from low to optimal. I have Matt watching his Heart Rate Variability nowadays. He knows that when HRV numbers are in the red, that means stop, in the orange, tone it down a bit, and green means go. Over the years, Matt has learned enough that he knows when his body is overworked or if his nutrition is off. We also work a lot on his mental focus. He likes to use several brain nootropics (all legal of course) to increase his reflexes when the gate drops. Matt also likes to use the Marc Pro for recovery and optimizing injuries.

Matt is unique in that he does not have a trainer. He goes out there and works for it. This is where I often tell him to slow it down or just maintain. Matt also has a very supportive wife, Erin. Matt is one of the toughest racers in the sport and I expect him to continue for many years to come.