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Order Levitra without a doctor prescription

Levitra is one of the best-selling prescription erectile dysfunction drugs in the world, alongside other well-known products such as Viagra and Cialis. A majority of treated patients report satisfactory results after taking the drug. After a positive experience with the original preparation, many men look for cheaper and over-the-counter Levitra on the Internet.

However, the active ingredient Vardenafil can cause serious health problems. Our Pharmacy therefore offers an online service via questionnaire for the safe and information-sensitive treatment of erectile dysfunction.

What is Levitra?

Levitra is a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient vardenafil supports the blood flow through the penis and thus promotes the development and maintenance of an erection. The erection-supporting effect can occur after only 25 minutes and last up to 5 hours. Sexual stimulation is necessary, just as it is for the development of a normal erection.

Is Levitra available without a prescription?

Levitra is subject to prescription and is therefore not available without a prescription. Nevertheless, many sufferers look for over-the-counter preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. People often search for Viagra without a prescription or Cialis without a prescription on the Internet. From the over-the-counter preparations, those affected hope for a quick solution to the problem, without unpleasant questions from a doctor.

Illegal over-the-counter sexual enhancers are often offered cheaper on the Internet. As a result, a large market has developed: Numerous offers for over-the-counter sexual enhancers can be found on the Internet, including Levitra. These online offers are not subject to any controls and often harbor a high risk, as serious health consequences can occur as a result of mistakes in taking the medication, contraindications or counterfeit active ingredients.

To protect consumers, Bayer has summarized the most important safety features of Levitra on an information sheet so that you can easily distinguish the original from the counterfeit:

  • Levitra information sheet (protection against counterfeits).
  • In addition, you can get more helpful tips on identifying counterfeit drugs on Bayer Beware of Counterfeits page.

Why cant I buy Levitra over the counter?

Levitra is available by prescription and requires a doctor consultation before use. The reason for this is the side effects of the drug as well as the exact assessment of the individual benefit for the patient. In the case of various diseases and medications, taking the drug is contraindicated due to interactions or requires precise considerations that a layperson is usually unable to assess. To protect those affected from side effects and worsening of already known symptoms, the active ingredient vardenafil is only available with a doctor prescription.

In addition, illegal drugs are often poorly controlled , which is why a safe composition of the ingredients is not guaranteed.

Who decides whether Levitra may be sold without a prescription in the future?

The prescription obligation of medicines is regulated by the Medicines Act. There are 3 groups of medicines that fall under the prescription obligation:

  • Medicines which, without medical supervision, may endanger health despite being used as intended
  • Drugs whose effects are not scientifically known
  • Substances that are used frequently and to a considerable extent not as intended and can impair health.

A change in the prescription requirement is usually made at the request of pharmaceutical companies or authorities and is reviewed and evaluated by an Expert Committee on Prescription Requirement, which meets twice a year.

Is Levitra available without a prescription in other countries?

Within the EU, Levitra is available only on prescription. Therefore, it can only be purchased from a registered pharmacy with a current prescription. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase from an online doctor who can issue a prescription via remote diagnosis. Here it is important to inform yourself about the seriousness of the provider to protect your own health.

On our page Are there over-the-counter sexual enhancers? we have compiled helpful information for you on the subject of safety when purchasing medicines online.

Where can I buy Levitra?

Levitra is available at any UK pharmacy after showing a prescription. Our Pharmacy also offers an online service. Based on a completed questionnaire, a doctor evaluates the suitability for a drug, taking into account the medical history, and recommends a suitable therapy.