Lab Testing Provides More Powerful ‘Before and After’ Stories

The true indicator of optimization is how you really feel after changing how you do things. The “before and after” weight-loss photos are only part of the story and besides, there are many way to get someone to lose weight. An optimization program involves not only weight loss, but how you feel in life afterwards.

I have seen many dietitians, doctors and trainers who tell someone to follow a low calorie diet, and the weight comes off, for a little while. But even more, that someone often doesn’t feel full of energy, life, and everything that should be.

This type of “before and after” change isn’t sustainable. The loss of energy often causes the weight to come right back.

That being said, there are many excellent health and fitness professionals who do design programs resulting in long-term, sustainable fat loss, with a sense of wellbeing. In most of these cases, the persons lab markers have been optimized.