Includes total cholesterol and lipid amounts. The lipids are further broken down into lipid particle counts, sizes, and patterns, for a more complete assessment of cardiovascular risk. Knowing lipid particle size and number, this helps to identify markers of healthier and unhealthier lipid particles.  Hs-CRP is a measure of inflammation that is associated with increased risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia, muscle damage, and much more.

Why is this important?

Knowing total LDL only shows part of the picture. This is why a NMR Lipoprotein Analysis is so important. When it comes to assessing cardiovascular risk, we know the higher numbers of smaller, more dense particles increase overall cardiovascular risk, compared to lower numbers of larger, less dense particles. Patterns are profiled into pattern A or pattern B, depending on the size and number of LDL particles. Therefore, those with patterns of higher counts of smaller particles have a more concerning lipoprotein profile than those with less particles with greater size. Apo A1 is said to have the greatest potential of predicting future heart disease.

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