How to get Iodine from your Diet

Last blog was about what dietary sources – here are some brief tips on how to obtain it from your diet.

Naturally, the best way to get iodine is from your diet. Nature did not mean for us to depend on synthetic supplements. Obviously, in the modern world we live in today, iodine does not come easy. This is why iodine supplementation has been so successful.

If you want to supplement iodine, take a teaspoon of iodine fortified salt each day. If you take a supplement, use an iodine dropper with meals. There are also good quality iodine pills that can get the job done.

The Best Natural Sources of Iodine

Eat Organic / Minimize pesticides – Eat organic as often as possible and wash all produce thoroughly. Avoid eating or drinking from (or storing food and water in) plastic containers. Use glass and safe ceramic containers.

Look for organic breads and flour, preferably from ancient grains. Grind and sprout your own grain, if possible. Look for the “no bromine” or “bromine-free” label on commercial baked goods.

Avoid sodas. Drink natural, filtered water instead.

If you own a hot tub, be careful of the bromine chemicals in the water. Ozone purification systems help to keep the water clean with minimal chemical treatments.

Look for personal care products that aren’t laced with toxic chemicals. Remember — anything going on you, goes in you.

Good Iodine Food Sources

Sea weed, Sea kelp, Dulse flakes

Strawberries (pesticide free / these are difficult to find)

Milk / Cheese / Cottage Cheese / Yogurt / Kefir

Eggs (the egg yolks)

Iodized Table Salt

Soy Sauce

Shellfish / Oysters / Shrimp

Sardine / Anchovies / Salmon / Cod

Organ Meats