Since the Australian Toby Price won the day at stage 2 of the Dakar Rally, I thought it would be timely to write a piece about another Australian Dakar Rally competitor, Andy Caldecott.  Before Toby Price, Andy was the last Australian to win a stage of the Dakar Rally. Andy Caldecott died chasing his dream. He was born in Keith, South Australia and won the Australian Safari Rally four times consecutively (2001-2004). He competed in the Dakar Rally in 2004, 2005, and 2006 when he was killed during the 9th stage of rally, 250 km into the 599 km special stage from Nouakchott to Kiffa. He was the 23rd death in the 28 years of the rally. Caldecott won stages of the rally and even though he pushed himself to the limits he was known for his easy going manner and humility. I worked with Andy during the years he was in the Dakar Rally and remember his natural ability on the motorcycle. He was amazingly fast and a very good navigator. Off the bike, he was a great guy to work and would ask me for my “magic potions,” as he would say it.  He was a simple guy and did not have a sophisticated training or hydration program.

andy fast dppiAs the risk is inherent in our sport, losing riders is a reality we have the potential to face unfortunate situations in our riding careers. God speed to all of those who have fallen chasing their dream.

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