The EuroVelo 8 (EV8) is the bike route that starts from Greece and goes all the way to Spain. Currently, the EV8 is complete from the town of Flayosc, Entrecasteux, Salernes, Sillans, Ponteves, and Barjols. See to access the description of a EV route.

I have posted videos on it a while back here.  The section from Sillans to Barjols is just being finished and ready to ride. Mind that you should probably consider using a gravel bike or a puncture proof wheel set up.

From Sillans la Cascade, you start at the bottom of the hill where the village school sits – its called “L’ecole de la gare.”  You ride directly on the route straight ahead instead of going up to the village. It is not very well marked, so make you you look on the map.

Once on the EV8 in Sillans, the road is pretty straight forward until you are well out of Sillans. When this part of the EV8 ends, it is important that you know to take the road toward BARJOLS and not Fox Amphoux.

You need to take the Barjols road for about 2 km until you arrive to a point where you see the first house on your right side. It is here that you will turn right and take the “old route de Sillans.”  This road is where the EV8 begins again. This road climbs a little up and down.

When you are near the end of the Old route de Sillans, you will take the first road to the right. Ride about 100 meters and you will see a Gite on the right side, and the EV8 begins again on the left. You cannot miss it if you are looking for it.

Once on the EV8 here, the route continues straight until you reach Barjols

Note that there is some gravel that has not been chip sealed yet, so it is more suitable for mountain bikes or gravel bikes. You can however, take the parallel road, Route de Barjols without any problems.

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Here’s a RELIVE link to see the parcours:

This is the bridge that you will cross after getting on the EV8 from the school. 

This is the Route de Barjols. This is the 2 km stretch of road that you need to take to access the next part of the EV8 to Ponteves and Barjols. Also, you could just stay on this road to Barjols as it is a common cycling route, but the shoulder is narrow. The ride through the EV8 goes through vineyards and lavender fields.

Here is the entrance to the EV8 that starts on the Old route de Sillans. The only “point de repere” or landmark is this house and the old road that turns right. Once on this road, you will see the signs EV8 on the road. Again, if you miss this point, it is not a big deal, just continue and be sure to catch the next intersection to pick up the EV8. 

The Old road to Sillans, it climbs a bit. 

This is the Gite on the right side of the road where you will turn right.  Then about 50 meters you will see the EV8 continue to the left. If you continue straight, it climbs a bit to a village called Fox Amphoux which has a great restaurant called Table de Fanette. 

Once you are on the EV8 to Barjols, this is where you will see the wineries on your left and right. If you are here in June and July, the lavender fields are a sight to see.