Damon Conkright, at 35 years old started racing BMX with his son. Damon wanted to win races and get in good shape.  As a Professional Motorcycle Race Mechanic for Factory Rockstar Husqvarna, he spends a lot of time on the road and is constantly flying across the country back and forth on a weekly basis. Damon’s diet and fitness was horrible, but he wanted to change. Damon asked me to help him out and we started with a blood panel to see what was “under the hood.” After a thorough questionnaire and looking at the lab results, we put together a diet & lifestyle plan to get the most out of Damon. When you give somebody something, you never know what a person is going to do with it. Damon completely changed his life. He went from 156 lbs to 145 lbs, pushing his bike up hills and out of breath, to winning the West Coast BMX championship in his first year! Damon is in the best shape of his life, is at his high school weight, is teaching his family how to eat better, and has tons of energy. His son started following the same advice and has been winning his age class in BMX.

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