Chasing Dakar is the definitive guide for off-road motorcycle enthusiasts in search of adventure riding experience. Each page is covered with photos of rally riding experience and the infamous Dakar Rally. Every motorcyclist, pro or novice will enjoy the content in this book. Chasing Dakar is an up close look at the inner workings of the Dakar Rally and adventure riding. There are secrets from Dakar Rally veterans like Scot Harden, Kellon Walch, Marc Coma, Giovanni Sala, Paul Krause, Larry Roseler, and Chris Blais – the last American to ever step up on the podium in the Dakar Rally. Chasing Dakar is a must read for every motorcycle rider or racer.

The book was written back in 2006, so it’s based in Africa, before the Dakar Rally moved to South America. There are limited quantities of the book remaining, so get them while they last!

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