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Category: Wellness

Athletes and Iodine Deficiency

Athletes and Iodine Deficiency According to recent research, iodine deficiency has increased fourfold over the past 40 years, and 74 percent of adults might not get adequate amounts. This is especially concerning to those who...

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Women and Iodine Deficiency

Women and Iodine Deficiency Almost one-third of the world’s population lives in areas of iodine deficiency. In areas where the daily iodine intake is low, goiter is endemic, and when the daily intake falls below a certain...

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Iodine – Why You Need This Mineral

Are You at Risk For Iodine Deficiency? Confused about what Iodine is? Exercise Regularly? On A Low or Restricted Salt Diet Vegetarian or Vegan? Avoid or Restrict Dairy? Avoid or Restrict Seafood? Drink Contaminated Water? Live...

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