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Chasing Dakar is the definitive guide for off-road motorcycle enthusiasts in search of adventure riding experience. Each page is covered with photos of rally riding experience and the infamous Dakar Rally while it was in Africa....

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4 Jours De Dunkerque Stage 5

Stage 5. Boeschepe to Cassel. 188.4 km This is the queen stage in the 4 Jours de Dunkerque.  Boeschepe is a tiny village located on the border of Belgium and France. There many people in the cafes speaking Flemish and French....

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4 Days of Dunkerque Stage 4 report

Calais to Le Portel. 166km Today’s stage is all about the Northern coast of France. The starts from the port of Calais, which has a lot of history with England. Any proper English person knows about Calais. They often take the...

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4 Jours De Dunkerque Stage 3 Report

Stage 3 – Beauvais to Amiens. 160km Beauvais is a city located not far from Paris and is the area where Ag2r rider Christophe Riblon grew up. He was hoping to do something today, but the finish is flat and the stage is pretty...

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