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Author: johnathan

Cannabidiol or CBD: Many Questions on Which One is Best

Lately I Have Been Getting Many Questions on What is the Best CBD or Cannabidiol As is well known, Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound derived usually from the hemp plant and is marketed as a supplement. CBD has been shown to reduce the frequency of certain types of seizures, and it may also help with sleep, anxiety, schizophrenia and many other conditions. It is important to note that all of these studies have involved large doses. There are many types of CBD out there, so I went to Consumer Labs and got some answers. Also, refer to the...

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IMPORTANT TOPIC: Preventing Muscle Loss as We Age

First and foremost, I am convinced that maintaining the largest healthy lean muscle mass is central to overall human. Nature pre-programmed us to use our muscles and to permit our muscles to maintain its optimal mass and health. With all of the breakthroughs in cellular medicine, maintaining our muscles and preventing muscle loss as we age is one of the easiest tool sets we have out there. Muscle loss, or Sarcopenia, is a decline in skeletal muscle, usually in older people, that contributes to a host of problems. New York Times Health editor, Jane Brody, published an article about Preventing Muscle Loss as We Age. This is an underappreciated topic affecting millions of people worldwide, especially those over 65 years of age. If you ever wonder why there are so many hip fracture surgeries or people using the disability scooters, you can place much of the blame on sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a fancy medical term for loss of muscle; it is also known as frailty syndrome. As we age, we lose the ability to maintain and regenerate muscle leading to several health issues. In usual fashion, Ms. Brody barely scrapes the surface and gives some paltry formula for how much protein people need in their later years. I can tell you from years of clinical practice, seeing 1000’s of hip fracture surgeries, 1000’s of debilitated elderly patients, that keeping...

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KETOENDURANCE PODCAST – Nutrition, Endurance Athletes, and more

In this podcast on the keto endurance show discuss nutrient timing especially in athletes who were fat adapted. We going to many different types of athletes including Zach Osborne, Svein Tuft, Barry Murray, Roman Bardet, Miesha Tate, Weston Peick and more. I also talk about my late friend John Mahoney who recently lost his battle to brain cancer. As well as Roger drummer and his Chinese adapto-genic herbs TIANCHI. It is a good podcast if you want to hear some different views on what it means to be fat adapted and you might be surprised at some of the answers! You can find it on Podbean, Stitcher, and iTunes. Links:...

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The Impact of Floyd of Leadville CBD products – hero or villain?

I recently received feedback that the products Floyd’s of Leadville (alias Floyd Landis) is selling are “killing people” and that people who support his products are drug pushers, etc. So I decided to write a short post on the subject. Cannabis Science – what to believe, fact or fiction? What is the impact of the CBD products that Floyd is selling? Marijuana or cannabis is the world’s most popular drug, illicit or not, with hundreds of millions of regular users worldwide. The impact of cannabis has peaked to epic proportions, with entire countries legalizing its use, recently Canada. One in three Americans has smoked pot at least once. According to a United Nations report, nearly 40 million use cannabis regularly in North America. However, marijuana remains largely misunderstood by both its advocates and its detractors. On one cote, it is believed to be a stepping stone to other drugs, while to others marijuana is a natural way to treat modern day illnesses or even relax. Enter Floyd Landis, former Tour De France winner (for a while) who has opened a cannabis shop in Leadville, Colorado called Floyd’s of Leadville. The store offers a range of a certain kind of cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD) products marketed towards sports recovery. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of CBD claims to aid in the recovery of sore muscles and injuries. Many question the legality and...

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You Find Yourself at 7-11 With 5 bucks in Your Pocket

My friend and I were surviving a self-supported century…we were both bonking a bit and when we ran out of food and water at mile 90 we stopped at a 7-Eleven…I wanted Gatorade for the electrolytes and he said I should get a Coke for the sugar…which would better serve us on a hot day? Also, if you only had $5 to spend, what’s the best junk food you’d find at a 7-Eleven to help you finish the ride?  We’ve all been there, 90 miles into the ride and you’re out of food, way outside of town, and the guys stop at a 7-Eleven convenience store. What are you going to buy? And assume that you only have 5 bucks. How can you make the best of the situation? It depends on whether you are just trying to eat a normal meal or you are experiencing category 4 bonking. 7-Eleven convenience stores are just about everywhere, and your one-stop shop for Slurpees, snacks, six-packs, lotto tickets, midnight coffee runs, and even paying your taxes. It’s the kind of place you rush into, grab your stuff, and get back on the road without giving it too much thought. There’s a reason it seems like you can find a 7-Eleven on every corner — with 60,000 stores in 18 countries around the globe, you’re bound to stumble upon one sooner or...

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