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Author: johnathan

New Podcast – Keto Endurance

Check out my latest podcast on the KetoEndurance podcast with Coach Stephanie Holbrook We discuss the Genesis of Ketofuels – a new good tasting ketone salt supplement Brain Cancer and John Mahoney Roger Drummer and Ben Greenfield Zach Osborne Romain Bardet Svein Tuft And much more… Enjoy!   Here is a link to the podcast on iTunes: On YouTube: If you want to contact Coach Stephanie Holbrook: KetoEndurance...

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Are Jacuzzi’s Good For Recovery After A Long Ride?

Question:  After a long ride, my friend likes to jump in a Jacuzzi, but I’ve heard that’s not good for recovery. Is there a difference between cold / hot water post ride showers? These types of questions are best answered with a bit of science and wisdom. Manipulation of temperature is believed to improve post-exercise recovery, with Jacuzzi’s, hot tubs, saunas, and ice baths being especially popular among athletes. However, it is unclear whether such temperature manipulations actually have positive effects. A recent study in the Journal of Physiology tried to answer this exact question. The authors of this...

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Should You Cycle When You Are Sick With the FLU?

A question I’ve been hearing a lot lately… With the flu/cold season here what’s the tip for when to ride or not ride if you have phlegm in the lungs versus a head cold? What cure do pro riders use to avoid and/or beat it? This is a very timely question, since the flu season is one of the worst in years. Knowing when to ride on or not is a very difficult question and as is the case so many time in medicine, it depends. When you are obviously sick, hacking up phlegm and have a sinus headache,...

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