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Author: johnathan

The Ultimate Gravel Adventure – EuroVelo 8

The EuroVelo (EV) 8 connects many destinations that are popular European countries: Italy, Monaco, France, Spain and much more. It is made of many old rail road tracks and essentially is a huge rails to trails program.  The goals is to make it possible to traverse the whole of Europe on a bicycle. It is little surprise therefore that the Mediterranean Route receives more interest than any other EuroVelo route.  And whilst many of it’s destinations are already internationally famous, there are still lots of undiscovered gems to be found along the way, not least in Albania and Montenegro....

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THE GLYCEMIC INDEX The Glycemic (GI) Index is the holy grail for many diabetics and dieters. Eat foods “low on the GI” people say, it’s easy, you just follow a chart. Food companies list GI on their products, giving a sense of security to those who purchase the packaged foods. As with all things simple, sometimes it’s not so simple. The glycemic index essentially measures the rate at which different carbohydrates are digested and converted into glucose and transported to the blood. It has been around for many decades, and it was originally designed around a population of diabetics....

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Concussion post 23 – How Newer Helmets Will Decrease Concussions

A Glimpse Into The Future of how Newer Helmets Will Decrease Concussions A recent article in the Wall Street Journal wrote about a new helmet that is designed to decrease concussion in athletes playing football. This new helmet has made it onto the scene in the National Football League. This helmet is called Zero1 by VICIS, a company founded by a surgeon and mechanical engineer at the Department of University of Washington. The Zero1 helmet has a soft outer shell that compresses on impact, allowing the helmet to better absorb the shock. The inside of the helmet has movable...

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Saddle Sores Out of the Blue

The Question Long-time cyclist with same bike and saddle…and suddenly I’m getting saddle sores…what would be the cause for them to appear? What’s the best fix? The Why The question for us cyclists is not IF you will get a saddle sore, it is WHEN you will get a saddle sore. Ride long enough, a saddle sore will come. First, a saddle sore is really a pressure sore. A sore is basically an infection. Thus, a saddle sore is an infection that arises from two things: abnormal pressure causing skin breakdown on the perineum (or crotch, taint, etc.) and...

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2017 MX of Nations (MXON) Matterly Basin

The 2017 Motocross of Nations (aka Motocross Des Nations) was held this year in England at a track called Matterly Basin. The last MX Des Nations held in England were also held at Matterly Basin in 2006. Team USA, which was made up of James Stewart, Ivan Tedesco and Ryan Villopoto, won MXON back in 2006, without winning a single moto. Steve Dixon is the promoter for the MX Des Nations in England, he also owns the Kawasaki MXGP team. Matterly is significant for Americans because this is where General Eisenhower addressed the American troops before the D-Day embarquement on the beaches of France. Even more significant for my family, is that my grandfather, was General Eisenhower’s head of security and was with him at Matterly during D-Day. I arrived at London Heathrow via Las Vegas and boarded a bus to the Premier Inn in South Hampton. This is where the MXON American base was located. I walked in Thursday evening and the first person I run into is Team USA director Roger Decoster. He is sitting in a chair and sipping a glass of red wine. We immediately start speaking in French. For some reason, he always knows me as the American who speaks French. He tells me that all the riders are doing well and that he happy to catch up with some of his European friends...

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