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Author: johnathan

Coban Wrap – A Tool Everyone Should Have That You May Not Know About

Coban Wrap – A Tool Everyone Should Have That You May Not Know About I recently read about Coban Wrap in Tim Ferris’ email post 5-bullet Friday. I was surprised to learn that Tim didn’t know about Coban Wrap and its many uses. In medical school, we used Coban for just about everything, medical and non medical. I thought this would be a good article for those who don’t know about this great product that most people probably think it’s just for hospital use. I use Coban for just about all of the motocross, cycling and UFC athletes. It does a great job of keeping gauze over the wound allowing the athlete to continue physical activity. I especially like Coban Wraps for travelling. Everyone knows that Deep Venous Thrombosis can develop during long plane flights. Most people think that you need some expensive compression garments. But wrapping your calves with Coban Wrap before a long flight is easy, cheap and hides easy under pants. Another simple use of Coban is for Venous insufficiency that can lead to recalcitrant leg ulcers or Deep Venous Thrombosis. Compression has been shown to be effective in healing these ulcers, but most products are difficult to apply and uncomfortable for patients, leading to inconsistent/ineffective clinical application. Coban Wraps can last up to about one week. Coban works via a latex-free, medical-grade polyurethane foam laminated...

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Cold Thermogenesis and Skin In the Game

I’ve been practicing Cold Thermogenesis for a while now. I actually got the idea to write this while listening to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s new book “Skin In the Game.” Which is exactly the mindset you need to have when you want the many benefits of Cold Thermogenesis. Let’s Look at the Power of Cold Thermogenesis (CT) If you are a human in winter today, take solace in the knowledge that being outside burns calories. Cold provides a healthy and sustainable alternative strategy for increasing energy expenditure. On one extreme, shivering can increase your metabolic rate is much fivefold. Whereas mild cold exposure, around 60°F, can induce a process called non-shivering cold thermogenesis, or CT for short. This can significantly improve your calorie-in to calorie-burned ratio. And even if you eat more to compensate, most people will not eat enough to undo the extra expenditure. CT increases your metabolic rate and the effects can last for a very long time. Consider again that running a marathon burns about 2500 calories. A three hour CT session can burn around 3800 calories. The effect of CT on weight loss is great, but what may even be more important is considering the effect of long term exercise. Everyone can benefit from cold thermogenesis exercises, especially those with chronic disease like obesity, diabetes, and the arthritis type diseases.  CT works by manipulating your fat cells and...

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