Here are some photos and video that were taken from the medical car that sits behind the peloton. Being in this car is a privileged as you get to see the race action unfold right in front of your eyes. At the same time the doctor is there in case of injuries occur, as we saw in Stage one with the case of Stijn Vandenburg. Please leave any questions or comments at the bottom or on the Facebook page.  You’ll see Antoine Duschene of Direct Energy and Berden Devries of the Netherlands team Roompoot. Also, the beautiful Beauvais Cathedral along with its medieval clock and stained windows. Bottecchia bicycles from the Italian Androni team. Cobbles from stage 1, also used in Paris Roubaix. There are also cobbles from the village of Cassel, where the Tour of Flanders passes. Arnaud Demare climbing a 20% grade in Boulogne. Also there are select videos of stage 4 and a police escort back to the peloton.