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Women and Iodine Deficiency

Women and Iodine Deficiency Almost one-third of the world’s population lives in areas of iodine deficiency. In areas where the daily iodine intake is low, goiter is endemic, and when the daily intake falls below a certain...

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Chasing Dakar is the definitive guide for off-road motorcycle enthusiasts in search of adventure riding experience. Each page is covered with photos of rally riding experience and the infamous Dakar Rally while it was in Africa....

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Iodine – Why You Need This Mineral

Are You at Risk For Iodine Deficiency? Confused about what Iodine is? Exercise Regularly? On A Low or Restricted Salt Diet Vegetarian or Vegan? Avoid or Restrict Dairy? Avoid or Restrict Seafood? Drink Contaminated Water? Live...

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